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Adultes     niveau A2

The superhumans

The superhumans

The superhumans

Where is Matt?

Booking a hotel room

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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Prononciaion de -ED

Opening scene HUGO

Hugo was watching people through the clock when suddenly he saw the guard.

Learning english

Ecouter les enregistrements sonores modifiés!

Learning english

Who is Banksy?

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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art or vandalism?

The Rolling Stones

Answer to the following questions:


Which actress performed in one of their single?

When did Mick Jagger and Keith Richard met?

What sport did Mick Jagger like?

How many fans came to the concert of Copacabana beach?

What special artefact did they put on the stage during a tour in 1975?

who counted the number of women he slept with?

Who designed the album cover Sticky fingers?


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